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Prozone is a company that focuses on the disinfection of spaces. We specialize in nonselective oxidation with ozone, which is a general biocide. Our product is the only chemical biocide that is completely environmentally friendly (both in terms of production and in terms of residues or by-products). Prozone’s expert council consists of experts in physics, chemistry, and biochemistry. Our products are made to the highest standards and current best practices. The guiding principle of our business is based on creating value for our customers. At the forefront of our values ​​is the safety of people and care for the environment.

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Ozon je molekula, ki jo gradijo trije atomi kisika.

Je eden najmočnejših oksidantov na svetu in tako posebej nevaren manjšim organizmom kot so virusi in bakterije, ki so dosti bolj “občutljivi”. Tako ozon najhitreje uniči mikrobe in organske molekule (vonjave, plini).


Does ozone destroy SARS-CoV-2?
Does ozone harm people?
Does ozon harm plants?
Does ozone destroy the furniture?
Are TVs and other home appliances resistant to ozonation?
Is there a disinfectant that does not destroy the furniture?
Where is ozonation most used?


Ekipa Prozone

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Dr. Marip Šimić, MBA

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Jan Škrjanec




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