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Ozone is a short-lived molecule because it is highly reactive. This means that it attacks or oxidizes organic matter when they come into contact. Ozone is one of the strongest oxidants in the world, which in practice means that it “attacks” everything alive. Smaller organisms (unicellular, such as viruses and bacteria) are much more sensitive to ozone in comparison to large (multicellular) organisms.

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The reason is in the accessible surface of small particles versus large particles or tissues; the gas accessible area of ​​small particles can be up to 100,000 times larger. Thus, ozone destroys microbes and organic molecules (odors, gases) the fastest, and for larger organisms we need much larger amounts of ozone and longer exposure time.
Ozone starts to be toxic for humans at concentrations above 0.30 ppm (parts per million) if exposed for more than 15 minutes per day. The safe limit for workplace ozone exposure (8 hours/day) is 0.10 ppm ( Fortunately, man detects ozone even at an extremely low concentration such as 0.01 ppm, so we have a natural alarm mechanism to detect this oxidant.

Ozone has another extremely beautiful property in addition to the short lifespan and it’s disinfection properties, it decomposes solely into oxygen (O2), which is its only “waste”. Thus, ozone is the most environmentally friendly disinfectant of all. The whole process of decomposition lasts from 30 minutes to 3 days, depending on the size of the room and the concentration of ozone in it. This process can be accelerated by using a disintegrator and thus ensure the safe use of any room within a good hour after filling the room with this gas cleaner. If applicable, the ozone concentration can be quickly reduced to a flat level by ventilating the room for a few minutes.

From a production standpoint, ozone is the friendliest among chemical biocides towards the environment as it is produced only from air and electricity.

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